Supporting Our Veterans

Nolan has a son currently serving in the United States Navy and other relatives who served our great country in our Armed Forces, including a Father-in-Law who served in Vietnam and a Grandfather who served in WWII. All currently serving military personnel and retired veterans, with their families, are and have served with honor, dignity and sacrifice. They deserve our respect and more from our nation! 

So many of our veterans do not have proper, necessary and timely treatment for their physical and psychological wounds and conditions. Nolan has a plan to introduce and call upon other Congressmen and Senators to support legislation to improve and increase veterans’ ability to get better physical and psychological care and treatment from the VA and private medical providers.  Veterans also have earned treatment for opiod and other prescription drug addictions. Nolan’s plan would also call for better and easier to obtain long-term care benefits for those Veterans who are at the end of their lives and are in need of such services. Our veterans honored us through their service and sacrifice to this great Nation and we have a duty to support and honor them!

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