Supporting Freedom And Life

Nolan believes in and fiercely supports the rule of law and freedom. Having practiced law for over 20 years, he believes that everyone should get the full benefit of the law but also be responsible for their own actions and consequences of such actions.

Nolan acted as a court-appointed arbitrator for the Pima County Superior Court for over 7 years.  He supports President Trump’s efforts to promote Judges that will adhere to the Constitution and not advocate for their personal agenda.

Nolan has a daughter that is a corrections officer, and he supports all of the great
men and women that serve as correction officers, police officers, firefighters, border patrol agents and all those who put their lives on the line for our safety.

Nolan and his wife have five children and they cherish their children.  They honor and are strong advocates for life.  With the possible exceptions of rape, incest or the health of the Mother, Nolan is a strong opponent of abortion.  Life is precious and a gift from God.  If unfortunately there is an unwanted pregnancy, there are so many options to an abortion, including adoption.  To abort a life and take away the opportunity of that individual to walk, run, play sports, sing, be married, and to see, smell, hear and experience the wonders of this world is a travesty. 

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