Protecting Our Borders

Nolan supports LEGAL immigration and humane treatment to all individuals.  However, living in Arizona, Nolan has experienced first hand the detrimental consequences of illegal immigration and lack of necessary border security. Illegal immigration detrimentally affects all Americans. We do not support individuals coming into our country illegally, ignoring our laws, committing crimes or costing taxpayers billions of dollars each year for health care, education and other social services. Many politicians ignore the rights and needs of hard working Americans, support dangerous “Sanctuary City” policies, and provide illegal immigrants with free health care, college tuition and other free social services. Hard working Americans struggle to pay their own skyrocketing health care and educational costs yet democratic politicians are going to give them to illegal immigrants for free, at our expense? This is wrong and unfair for Americans!

A high majority of the cocaine, fetanyl and heroine that comes into this country comes through our southern border. Almost 50,000 drug overdose deaths occur each year from such illicit drugs and opiods.   We can fight against such tragedies and loss of life by securing our border. 

I will work with President Trump and other members of Congress to build the border wall and increase technology and manpower at ports of entry and along our borders.  I propose enforcement of the terms of H1 VISAs that have expired.  I also propose laws that would instill consequences against those here illegally who work without proper licenses and insurance, to protect our own workers and citizens who do so legally.

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