Protecting And Defending The Constitution

Nolan is a constitutional conservative and strongly believes in the freedoms and rights granted by our Constitution. However, many liberals, progressives and Democratic Presidential candidates eliminate the rights granted to us by the Constitution.

Many politicians, schools and radical groups want to shut down our freedom of speech. Democrats in the State of New York have passed legislation to fine individuals $250,000 for misgendering a person or referring to someone as an “illegal” immigrant. This is not freedom of speech! 

Many liberals and progressives want to erode and destroy our freedom of religion. Nolan is a Christian, and he will fight to protect his and your freedom of religion and right to worship how, where and when you desire (or even if you don’t desire to worship) without government intrusion. Individuals should not be penalized or attacked for exercising their freedom to worship.

Nolan is a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment.  Many politicians want to create laws out of emotion and in the name of “gun control”.  However, such laws that take away the rights of law abiding citizens do not affect and will not stop criminals and their dastardly deeds.  Stricter gun laws in places like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles have done nothing to curb gun violence.  However, constitutional gun laws favoring the 2nd Amendment in states like Utah, Arizona, and Maine have made citizens safer.  The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.   

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