Keeping and Maintaining a Strong Economy

This election is a crucial point in our lives for our economy. We either support over 240 years of a strong, proven, and reliable capitalistic and free-enterprise system or we support the never successful, disastrous economics of the Green New Deal and socialism. We only need to look at the dire straits in San Francisco, Seattle and New York to realize that socialism and such policies do not work.  Nolan proposes policies that would encourage work, independence from government and free and fair enterprise.  Nolan opposes laws and policies that would be a disaster to our Nation, its economy and our freedoms, including attempts to control what we drive, restrict our travel, stifle free enterprise,  eliminate straws, and even stop cow flatulents.

We need to support President Trump in his efforts to instill and maintain conservative policies for our economy. This economy is roaring with success, as
evident by the following Republican economic policies and successes:

  1. Six Million jobs created in 2½ years;
  2.  Median household income has hit its highest level ever recorded;
  3. Hispanic-American unemployment rate is at its lowest rate every recorded;
  4. African-American unemployment rate is at its lowest rate every recorded;
  5. Women unemployment rate is at its lowest rate in 65 years;
  6. Youth unemployment rate is at its lowest rate in half a century;
  7. Veterans’ unemployment rate is at its lowest rate in almost 20 years; and
  8. Manufacturing jobs growing at the highest rate in three decades.

The leadership of the Democrat party want to destroy our economic success and implement disastrous policies like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Value Added Taxes and other forms of socialism.  Such policies will destroy our economy, suffocate the creation of jobs and hurt the success of American people. Under whose economic policies are the American people better off? There is no question that we are better off under Republic leadership and economic policies.  Nolan supports such ideals and policies and can provide and continue such leadership in Washington D.C.

As a business owner and business and estate attorney for over 20 years, Nolan knows what is needed to make individuals and businesses more prosperous and financially secure. 

We need to keep our personal tax rates low to allow individuals to keep more of their own, hard earned money.  We need to create more jobs and incentives for people to work and become independent from government.

We need to keep corporate tax rates low to allow businesses to pay employees more and create more jobs. We need to continue to slash job killing regulations, including Obama administration regulations, that have suffocated business growth, disallowed the use of lands and resources, shut down our Arizona power plants, and caused havoc on our loggers, farmers,  ranchers and other businesses. We as a Nation need to stay energy independent.  We have been blessed with tremendous sources of natural resources.  We need to utilize such resources wisely and efficiently in a way that protect our lands and blesses our citizens. 

A strong economy is vital for future generations and our national security.

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