Health Care And Education

Nolan and his family are strong advocates of education. Nolan received his degree of Juris Doctor and his wife is a Registered Nurse. Nolan strongly supports teachers, educators and all forms of education.  Nolan is a strong proponent of school choice and trade schools. He also believes local control of education is best rather than control and mandates from the federal government.

Nolan is deeply concerned about the state of our healthcare system in America. Since the inception of Obamacare, health care premiums have increased dramatically, out-of-pocket costs are not being covered, and more Doctors are not accepting insurance.  Small businesses cannot afford to pay for health care premiums for their employees. 

Democrat party leaders have and are campaigning on “fixing” our health care system but their “fix” already gave us Obamacare.  They are also touting “Medicare for All”, including for illegal immigrants.  Such a proposal is not financial feasible, costing taxpayers tens of trillions of dollars, will promote and interject inferior medical care and an overall disaster for the American people.

Nolan proposes keeping and maintaining private health care plans and lowering prescription drug costs.  Also, as an small business owner and having represented numerous small and mid-sized businesses for 20 years, he will encourage legislation that would promote small businesses and their ability to provide more effective, tailored and cost-effective health insurance plans for their employees.   


Nolan plans to introduce legislation that would provide more competition among health care providers to decrease costs, protect private health insurance from government overreach, allow employers to provide more affordable health care plans for their employees, and allow individuals and families to choose plans that fit their specific needs at a more affordable price.

Nolan supports a free-enterprise and patient centered system rather than the Democrat plan of forced, government controlled medicare for all. 

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