Nolan Reidhead for Congress

Nolan is running for Congress to protect, preserve and implement conservative and constitutional values. Nolan strongly advocates for laws, principles and solutions geared to protect a strong family, support a vibrant and free economy, guarantee legal and fair immigration, and secure constitutional rights.  Nolan adamantly opposes laws and policies that support extreme ideals that are detrimental to America, including open borders, Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and other forms of socialism.

Great things can happen when we join together for life, liberty and freedom, under a common goal.  Join Nolan to be elected to Congress to represent the wonderful First Congressional District of the State of Arizona.

Nolan is also an Eagle Scout. He lives by the Scout Law to be trustworthy, helpful, courteous, thrifty, and brave. Such leadership skills are drastically needed in Washington D.C., and Nolan will use them to represent the great State of Arizona in a dignified manner.

We Need Volunteers

Thank you for supporting and joining Nolan’s team of supporters from across Arizona. Join me to help make and keep Arizona safe, prosperous and free.

Upcoming Events

Learn more about Nolan Reidhead. What better way to learn about someone than to meet them and listen to their core values


Thank you for donating, supporting and joining Nolan’s team of supporters from across Arizona. Join us to help make and keep Arizona safe, prosperous and free.

Issues That Concern Us

Protect Our Borders

We, as Americans, support legal immigration, but we do not support individuals coming into our country illegally, ignoring our laws, committing crimes and costing taxpayers billions of dollars each year for health care, education and other social services...

Support Our Veterans

Nolan has a son serving in the United States Navy and other relatives who served our great country in our Armed Forces, including a Father-in-Law who served in Vietnam and Grandfathers who served in WWII.

Support Freedom And Life

Nolan believes in and fiercely supports the sanctity of life, freedom and the rule of law. Having practiced law for over 20 years, he believes that everyone should get the full benefit of the law but also be responsible for his or her own actions.

Protect And Defend The Constitution

Nolan is a constitutional conservative and strongly believes in the freedoms and rights granted by our Constitution. However, there are those who want to eliminate the protections granted to us by the Constitution.

Keep and Maintain A Strong Economy

This election is a crucial point in our lives for our economy. We either support over 240 years of a strong, proven, and reliable capitalistic and free-enterprise system or we support the never successful, disastrous economics of the Green New Deal and socialism.


Nolan is a strong advocate of education. Nolan has a degree of Juris Doctor and his wife is a Registered Nurse. They have instilled in their children the importance of education in all forms. Nolan strongly supports our teachers and educators but also believes in giving parents options for providing the most effective education for their children.

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